When can buying a video course be a bad choice?

Video courses are on the rise. Not just for learning Python, but for everything. For every 20 hour course on Python, there seems to be a 50 hour course that supposedly “goes into more depth.”

First, always do the “Litmus Test for Learning Python.” (link), if you’ve not done it.

Second, understand why video courses are helpful, and why sometimes they’re just not for you. A lot of people trying to learn Python are new to programming. They might have limited exposure to the networking concepts behind the internet, are yet to discover what a server is and how it works, and might not know the difference between a compiled and an interpreted language. For them, it is very important that the resource cover any pre-requisites while teaching them Python. This is what a lot of these Python video courses focus on.

If, however, you already have technical knowledge, and can read and understand technical articles, then a book or even the official Python tutorial would suit you more. A video will become very boring because it will reiterate things that you already know. You might get a false sense of “learning,” but at the end of the course, you would have only learnt something new for 1 hour in a 50 hour course. That’s a bad waste of your time.

Third, understand that just because a video course has more “hours,” it is not necessarily better. We like smaller and efficient solutions to problems. However, with courses, people can illogically choose a 50 hour course when a 20 hour one would teach you the exact same thing. If a course has good reviews, and it’s concise, then you’re not risking a lot by going with it.

In conclusion

Don’t buy a video course if:

  1. You’re already technically competent and can learn easily from a book instead.
  2. You are just starting out, but you can follow the Python tutorial just fine. Choose a book instead.
  3. You’re choosing a video course merely because it has “more hours of content.” Stick to something with good reviews and more concise (teach you the same thing by wasting less of your time).

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