What to do when you’re confused

What to do when you’re confused
Photo by Roberto Sorin / Unsplash

Accepting something without understanding is never wise, yet many constantly do it. Who wants look blank? But there's a much better way.

Here's a bad conversation:

Jack: Python is an amazingly simple language!

Mike (confused): Hmmm... Sure, yeah. I guess it is.

From that point on, Mike will also think that Python is simple, but he will never know why. The same conversation could have been:

Jack: Python is an amazing simple language!

Mike: Hmmm.. What do you mean by "simple?"

Jack: Well, hmmm... I wrote the "hello world" program easily without having to understand a lot.

Mike: That doesn't sound like a good definition of simple to me...

Whenever you're confused, ask questions to rigorously clarify definitions. Be wary of adverbs and adjectives, because their meaning is never clear. Fiction is fun to read because writers avoid adjectives/adverbs, and instead describe facts directly.