What is a traveller never content on?

What is a traveller never content on?
Photo by Diego Jimenez / Unsplash

When we start our career, it's all new and shiny. But after a while, despite all the accumulating achievements, we feel monotonous. But there's a lesson we all can learn from travellers.

A traveller is never content on arriving.

I've always enjoyed journeys, whether they're taken on a train, or the grind in a startup. When you arrive, you realise that the journey mattered too. That's why life is always so much better when we do something we love for a living.

You may want a football trophy. But if it were only the trophy (destination) that mattered, then you could get a replica or have a trophy built by someone. But the trophy is merely a proxy that represents the journey that ended with you winning the finals.

Whenever you arrive, you realise that you've started making plans for the next destination, so that you can enjoy the journey once again. So, the valuable lesson for us is that it's more about the journey, than just the destination.