The inaction trap

The inaction trap
Photo by Pedro da Silva / Unsplash

Programming is an activity. You should view it similar to how you view sports, like soccer, basketball, etc. You can't "learn" sports by just reading books and watching videos.

It's possible for you to become so engrossed in watching videos, reading tutorials, that you can get trapped in "tutorial hell." You're not able to create anything on your own; you're only able to replicate what's written somewhere out there.

Does that mean tutorials and courses and the likes are bad? No. But you need to strike the right balance.

Consider Josh, who has just started learning Python and has written a few lines of code. He starts watching videos and reading tutorials to understand more about Python, so that he can eventually write better programs. But since the internet has so many tutorials and videos, he never gets to the "write better programs" part. He gets stuck in the "watch" and "read" stage. He's in the inaction trap.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, give yourself a break from tutorials and try coding some projects on your own, however simple. This could take time, and can involve a lot of frustration, but the only way forward is through all of this. This should bring you out of the inaction trap.

Remember, the purpose of any course or tutorial is to help you write programs on your own. If you don't really write software in the end, you've not used the learning material for the purpose they were designed. If you want to binge, Netflix is a better choice.