The best editor for Python

The best editor for Python
Photo by Riku Lu / Unsplash

If it's your first year in programming, then you shouldn't try to overthink which editor to use. My suggestion would be to go with PyCharm Community (free), and here are some reasons why.

I've used the paid versions of IntelliJ, PyCharm, PHPStorm, WebStorm, Goland, and other IDEs from JetBrains for a variety of languages, and they've never disappointed me. The editor is fast, there are ample of plugins, and it's easy to navigate code (go to a particular file, or a particular function).

You also have advanced features like providing auto-complete on SQL queries from a connected database, view records inside of databases without requiring any external tool, or even managing version control flows (like git). It also helps manage virtual environments cleanly through its GUI interface.

You'll find similar features in other editors too, with more or less customization. With PyCharm, most of these come as "default." You get to spend more time coding, and less time fiddling with features of your editor.

When you advance as a programmer, you'll learn about your own preferences, and you'll also have a specific workflow that you use. It's at that point you can make an informed decision on which editor you prefer. If you do it prematurely, you'll just be playing with "cool plugins" that are not helping you write better code.

Stay focused on writing good code. After a while, you can focus on optimizing your tools.