How to Use Jupyter Notebook inside VS Code

Jupyter notebooks are not just for data scientists and machine learning engineers. Even as a backend developer, you could test out your algorithms interactively inside a Jupyter notebook. It’s helpful when you want to take a TDD-like approach but still need your ideas to somewhat materialize first. 1. Setup Python in VS Code In a freshly installed version of VS Code, you still need to setup Python. If you’re unsure how to do it, here’s a guide that I wrote.

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14 Must Have VS Code Extensions for Python Developers

Use these extensions to give a boost to your VS Code development experience. 1. Python The core language extension that enables syntax highlighting, virtual environments, and intellisense support. Click here for more details. 2. Visual Studio IntelliCode AI-assisted intellisene for Python. Click here for more details. 3. Better Comments Give your comments a facelift by styling them differently depending on the type of information they convey. Click here for more details. 4. Kite Autocomplete Another AI-based autocomplete solution. You need

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Fix for Linting Not Working on VS Code

Once you install the Python plugin, you might observe that linting does not work. Consider the file below where I’ve written gibberish, but no errors are shown: 1. Install PyLint The problem is that you probably don’t have PyLint installed in your virtual environment. Open a new terminal by typing Ctrl + Shift + ~ (the character right below Esc). VS Code should automatically switch to your virtual environment. Type pip install pylint. 2. Select PyLint as the Linter Press

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Setting Up Python on VS Code

Once you have VS Code installed, you just need to install a plugin called “Python by Microsoft”: 1. Open the Extension Tab of VS Code This should open up the extensions panel. This is where you’ll search for and install all the extensions. 2. Type “Python” in the Search Box & Install the Extension by Microsoft Once you type “Python” in the search box, the very first extension would most likely be the one that you’re looking for. Make sure

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