Setting Up Python on VS Code

Once you have VS Code installed, you just need to install a plugin called “Python by Microsoft”:

1. Open the Extension Tab of VS Code

This should open up the extensions panel. This is where you’ll search for and install all the extensions.

2. Type “Python” in the Search Box & Install the Extension by Microsoft

Once you type “Python” in the search box, the very first extension would most likely be the one that you’re looking for. Make sure that you’re installing the one by “Microsoft.”

Click on the Install button.

3. Reload VS Code if Needed

If VS Code shows you a “Reload Required” button and message, just click on it. It will automatically restart.

4. Create or Open a Python File (.py Extension)

Whenever you create or open a file with .py extension, you should see this plugin in action.

You should get everything from syntax highlighting to auto-suggestions as you type (intellisense).

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