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When can buying a video course be a bad choice?

Video courses are on the rise. Not just for learning Python, but for everything. For every 20 hour course on Python, there seems to be a 50 hour course that supposedly “goes into more depth.” First, always do the “Litmus Test for Learning Python.” (link), if you’ve not done it. Second, understand why video courses are helpful, and why sometimes they’re just not for you. A lot of people trying to learn Python are new to programming. They might have

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Learn from this free Python tutorial before spending any money on a course

You really want to start learning Python, and you’ve gotten all sorts of recommendations for books, video courses, etc. You’re excited and have your sights pointed at becoming good with Python in a few weeks (or even less). You have your eye on this one course which is exactly what you want. But before you make a purchase decision, do what I call the “Litmus Test for Learning Python.” First and foremost, do the official Python tutorial: Why? Because

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Why learn Python as your first programming language?

Web applications can be written in Python, Java, Ruby, Erlang, Haskell, Elixir, etc. If you don’t recognize these names, they are all programming languages. However, there are certain platforms like mobile development where just a few programming languages dominate. If you want to create Android apps, you’d most likely do it in Java/Kotlin. If you’re creating apps for iOS, you will most likely write them in Swift (or Objective-C). Despite your end-result, you should not shy away from learning Python

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Is it okay to Google while coding?

You’re in the process of learning a lot of libraries like pandas, scikit-learn, numpy, etc. You also don’t seem to retain a lot of what you learn. Whenever you sit down to write a piece of code, you need to Google for small examples that could help you write code. Is doing this okay? The short answer is, yes. You should not beat yourself up for not remembering something that can be easily looked up. For example, let’s say you

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Why you won’t retain much of what you learn

You’re on this exciting journey of learning Python. After a few weeks, however, you decide to reflect on all the things that you’ve learnt. For some reason, you find it difficult to remember what was covered in prior part of the course. When you open up that particular chapter of the book, or that section of a video course, things come back to you and it all makes sense, only for you to forget it all again in a few

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I’ve Written Basic Programs Before – Can I Learn Python from a Book?

Let’s say you’ve done some programming in college or picked up a few things in Java, or some other language. In that case, you can pick up learning Python a bit more easily. You’d do a better job learning from books rather than video courses, as video course can be too slow paced for you. The first thing you should read is the official Python Tutorial. This is very concise, and you’d benefit from this to the extent that you

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Motivating Yourself When You’re Stuck on Something for Days

You decided to learn Python, and you bought a couple of books and courses. You’re super motivated. Finally, you’ll be able to build something all by yourself in a few weeks. The books and courses too make it look utterly simple. What could go wrong? And then it happens. For some reason, it takes hours trying to install packages with no success. Sometimes, you’re working on a project, but it has a bug that you have no idea how to

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How to Learn Programming Without Feeling Bored, Frustrated, or Defeated

You’ve just bought 3 courses, 2 books, and have plenty of time to binge them all. As you start watching your new video course, the room turns black. After a while, you’re not even listening to all the words. It’s literally putting you to sleep. Or maybe you got a subscription to an interactive learning platform like Codeacademy, Datacamp, Dataquest, or TreeHouse. You could now practice writing code alongside learning, which was exciting at first, but also became monotonous. You

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