Living outside the common denominator

Living outside the common denominator
Photo by Ian Cylkowski / Unsplash

The world teaches you to be average. We learn average skills in college that make us equally competent to work in every technology company. We never emphasise our own unique talents that could make certain opportunities better than others. That's average, because all that you're focusing on is the common denominator.

One way this manifests is that we expect our raw materials to be abundant. We want customers, engineers, programming languages, frameworks, and everything else out there in great quantities. With average raw materials and average craftsmanship, what comes out are average products.

It's okay for you to have a great vision that's completely inapplicable to others. It's okay if you're only able to hire from a sparse pool. It's okay if you have to work with raw materials that are scarce today.

It's okay to ignore the 99% out there to focus on your 1%, so that you can achieve a 100% impact. To get to abundance, embrace the rare.