Learn from this free Python tutorial before spending any money on a course

You really want to start learning Python, and you’ve gotten all sorts of recommendations for books, video courses, etc. You’re excited and have your sights pointed at becoming good with Python in a few weeks (or even less). You have your eye on this one course which is exactly what you want. But before you make a purchase decision, do what I call the “Litmus Test for Learning Python.”

First and foremost, do the official Python tutorial: https://docs.python.org/3/tutorial/

Why? Because it will tell you if your book purchase or course purchase would be worthwhile. When you start with the tutorial above, one of the following things would happen, each giving you a different direction to proceed:

  1. You’re able to absorb and learn from the Python tutorial, and also able to run some of the sample code on your computer: In this scenario, you should continue with the Python tutorial. After that, you could get a book where you can learn to do projects. If you’re comfortable, you could even start doing tutorials from online sources. If you buy a video course at this point, you will get very bored.
  2. You found the tutorial too fast or skipping over too many details: In this case, get a video course which would be more thorough. It will go into details that might not be possible to cover in a written medium like a book.

If you already know another programming language, then check HERE for a list of resources that could suit you. The beginner guides above might not work effectively for you, since they cater more towards people new to programming, not just Python.

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