How should I start if I already know another language?

If you want to learn Python, but already know/or are proficient in another language, then the traditional resources that others use might not be fully relevant to you. Regardless of your background, I’d always suggest you to take the “Litmus Test for Learning Python.

These are the rules that you should follow:

  1. Stick to just books or other written material. You could choose interactive courses, but try avoiding video courses.
  2. Jump directly into learning the Python Standard Library. These are for common tasks that you’re used to doing in the other language.
  3. Next, you should dive into web development, or data science, depending on your intentions for learning Python. The goal here is to not learn web development, but to understand the ecosystem of libraries available to you and how they’re all designed. Try contrasting the approaches taken in Python vs. your language.
  4. Keep yourself close to resources that teach you how to build stuff in Python that you’ve already built in the other language. This will help you compare the two ecosystems and note the similarities and differences.
  5. At this point, you’re adept at Python and can choose how you’d want to explore it further. The “What should I learnt next?” page should help you.

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