I’ve Written Basic Programs Before – Can I Learn Python from a Book?

Let’s say you’ve done some programming in college or picked up a few things in Java, or some other language. In that case, you can pick up learning Python a bit more easily. You’d do a better job learning from books rather than video courses, as video course can be too slow paced for you.

The first thing you should read is the official Python Tutorial. This is very concise, and you’d benefit from this to the extent that you already know programming.

Video courses from places like Udemy might become too boring for you. They usually go in-depth on concepts for people new to not just Python, but also to programming. You can probably learn things from the Python Tutorial within a day, rather than spending days watching videos.

If you find the Python Tutorial too concise, or have completed it and are looking for the next challenge, then these two books can help you.

  1. Automate the boring stuff: You can read this book for free online. Skim through the basics since the Python Tutorial already covers it. Start moving towards the chapters that have you build projects.
  2. Python crash course: This book covers a few more interesting projects in detail. It has sold over 500,000 copies! If you intend to learn from a book, definitely have this one in your arsenal.

Whenever you get stuck while reading a book, a Google search or a YouTube search should rescue you from the problem.

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