10x value

10x value
Photo by Akhilesh Sharma / Unsplash

Real wealth is what you can buy using currency; not currency itself. One must aim to provide 10x the value for every dollar earned. But why do something seemingly preposterous?

Consider a town with 100 units of currency backed by one book, one machine, and a farm. These assets are the real wealth. If everyone exchanged value in a 1:1 ratio, then the wealth of the town would remain unchanged: one book, one machine, and a farm.

However, if people provide 10x value in each transaction, those 100 units of currency will soon be backed by more wealth: 10 books, 5 machines, and 2 farms. The whole town becomes wealthier, and each unit of currency now buys more.

Without providing more value per transaction, the wealth of the world would never increase; it would decrease because books wither, machines rot, and farms lose soil fertility.