Vim SPF13 Writes Random Characters When Pressing Escape

I just installed SPF13 package for Vim. The one problem you’ll notice is that it puts in random characters when pressing escape. Hopefully, this post will no longer be valid for future versions.

Specifically, writing this and pressing escape:


results in:

hellopumvisible() ? "\" : "\

The solution

The autoclose plugin seems to be interfering with certain commands assigned to the escape key. I removed the bundle from the installation and everything went back to normal.

  1. To remove autoclose, create a .vimrc.local file in the same directory as the .vimrc symlink.

  2. Add this line to it: UnBundle 'Townk/vim-autoclose'

  3. Restart Vim and type :BundleClean!. You should get a confirmation that the bundle was removed.

  4. Now, restart Vim again. The problem is solved!

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