Eclipse Juno PDT and Slow Tab Switching

Update: Jeto posted a comment below with a solution to this slowdown. Just switch to another perspective (other than the PHP one) and restart eclipse. When editing PHP projects, don’t switch to the PHP perspective. Everything should work as normal. I guess we’ll have to use this hack until PDT 3.1 is released. Thanks Jeto!

I’m very glad to see something like Eclipse Juno. I can see tonnes of improvements in the visual appearance as compared to Indigo. I installed PDT, and found the intellisense to be much better.

However, switching tabs in Juno + PDT is incredibly slow. On the average, it takes about 2 to 3 seconds. And that too with just 4 small files open.

The reason for this might lie with an outdated PDT. On the PDT download page, the only bundle I see is Eclipse 3.7.2 + PDT 3.0.2. So, Zend haven’t updated their package to Juno, which may indicate that there is still work to be done.

So, I’ve switched back to Indigo for the moment. But I’m finding Juno incredible for everything else. I also have NetBeans, which is great. But I find Juno’s intellisense much better. Too bad I’ll have to wait for an updated PDT.


  1. I've encoutered the same issue and found the solution. Do not use the PHP perspective. Switch to another one (like, the Resource one), then restart Eclipse. Your tab switching (and the UI overall) will now be fast again.

    I have absolutely no idea why it's this way, but it did the job for me. It was unusable otherwise.

    Let me know if it worked for you too.

  2. Remarkable, that actually worked: "I've encoutered the same issue and found the solution. Do not use the PHP perspective. Switch to another one (like, the Resource one), then restart Eclipse."

    I have tried for past week to do anything, including jamming all workspace, projects, eclipse and JVM to ramdisk. Well it did speed it up but maintaining that gear was not fun. (Idea was to locally rsync to presist the changes)

    I was almost ready to buy a new computer as a next resort – with couple SSDs.

  3. Raahul Seshadri says:


    I tried it and it worked pretty well!

  4. Starting up with the resource perspective worked for me too, thank you…

    For me switching back to the php perspective after having started with a different perspective active was also fine and there were no slowdowns. As long as I did not start in php perspective.

    So I now switch to resource perspective every time I close eclipse and after startup I switch back to the php perspective (since I seem to need it for the php tools unit testing setup I have here).

  5. Hey guys,

    I found this on the eclipse.ini:


    I changed to 512m and it got faster. I'm not sure but you could try it out.



  6. I've got a little nervous breakdown and this "solution" seem to work now.
    (I start to smoke again)… But what a solution… Nevermind.
    Cant you try to make it public unless you find a solution?
    (Perhps thats the trial….)
    Beside this tab-terror it seems to be really a great step forward.
    Try to use symfony2-plug with PTI.

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