Modularizing Your AngularJS Code

An AngularJS project can get very large. Stuffing a lot of code in just a few files is a maintenance hell. I’ve been exploring AngularJS for a while and have learnt a lot of things you won’t otherwise find in the documentation or simple tutorials. So, starting with this post, I’ve decided to write a […]

Fuzzy Window Switcher For Ubuntu

Having a lot of windows open makes it difficult to navigate around. I sometimes find the grouping of windows to be annoying, because you need two clicks to access the window you want. For this, I started writing a fuzzy window switcher. This is the first time I’m writing a GTK3 tool for Linux, so […]

The Cost of Indenting Your HTML – From 8MB to 357KB

I was working on fixing a WordPress plugin for a client. It was a directory plugin. Also, the site itself had a decent number of categories and links (about 5000 links or so). It all worked well locally. However, after I put the site online, it was quite slow to load. It would load incrementally, […]

Sublime Text Ctrl+P Like Fuzzy Matching In Few Lines of Python

There were a few people curious in the ST forums on how Sublime Text’s fuzzy matching works. In reality, I don’t know either. There were some interesting solutions given, but I haven’t researched their methods and workability. I needed to implement this for a small project I’m working on. I went with a solution that […]

Larry Four – A Lazy Model and Migration Generator For Laravel 4

I’ve finally released a model and migration generator for Laravel 4, called Larry Four. Now, the idea is similar to Larry that I had created for Laravel 3. However, this is a complete rewrite with more features, a better syntax, and the code-base is unit tested using PHPUnit. Check out the GitHub page for more […]

Why Are Source Codes Hard To Read And Understand

It takes time to read and understand code written by another person. If you wrote something a while back, even you might find it slightly difficult to comprehend. There is one exception to this. If you are in the process of writing an application (even big ones), you won’t have problems understanding parts of it […]

The True Value of Vim’s hjkl Key Bindings

When I first started learning Vim, the hjkl key bindings for moving around sounded awkward. For that reason, even while learning Vim, I’d often use arrow keys to move around. It was easier, or at least it appeared so.

Validating Multiple Similar Forms on the Same Page In Laravel

I was creating some sort of URL management in Laravel. So, a single page contains forms for editing all of the URLs. For each URL, a form for editing it is rendered using a foreach loop.

Understanding Ampersand Before PHP Function Names – Returning By Reference

You may have wondered how a PHP function defined as below behaves:

There IS a Single Best Way to Write Software

I just read this blog post, There is No Right Way to Develop Software. I actually appreciate the sentiments of the author, because it is right about the hyperbole surrounding various practices. But does that mean there is no right way to write software? Hardly so. I don’t think we should jump to that conclusion […]